University of Cambridge Primary School – Ruth Proctor Commission

One of the first permanent artworks for the North West Cambridge Development, Ruth Proctor’s We are all Under the Same Sky describes the idea that we are all under the same sky, no matter where on earth we are.

Developed in close collaboration with Marks Barfield Architects, the artwork is embedded into the fabric of the building, utilising the glass cloister circling the interior courtyard of the school as its canvas.  Each glass panel is imprinted with an image of the sky taken from locations that circumnavigate the globe.  Expanding on Ruth’s distinctive practice of using found and sourced elements as part of her artworks, the images were taken by people living in each region and sent to Ruth to form a component of many parts.  Under the main entrance to the courtyard the glass is deliberately left clear – so school users can be under their own sky in Cambridge too.

With geographical location and timezone stamped into each panel, the piece enriches children’s understanding of geography and their place in the world – reflecting the School’s international reach and constituency.

The artwork is currently being installed  for the opening of the school on 7 September 2015.