Aspen Contemporary Art Collection – New York

Aspen’s extensive art collection provides a creative perspective into the world around us. Held in offices across the globe, in each country the collection represents work from artists living and working in the region. In this way Aspen creates sustainable connections to the local arts ecology – and reflects the unique character of place within the office environment. With the opening of Aspen’s offices in New York in 2011, The Contemporary Art Society curated an exemplary collection of contemporary work, investigating the huge array of artists found in the city. An emphasis on artworks that offer a distinctive and out of the ordinary view of our world builds a dynamic picture of the creative energy that characterises this great city.

The collection is a daring one –substantial works from acclaimed career artists sit alongside newly discovered work from the emerging art stars of the future. Painting and photography feature strongly, and a new dimension is added with the inclusion of a number of moving image and light-based works. Amongst the collection are works that reveal hidden aspects of the metropolis, works that expand ideas of landscape and ecology, and works that celebrate people and human relationships. Overall, the Aspen collection offers remarkable and sometimes unexpected perspectives that help us see the world creatively.