Peter Finnemore

Peter Finnemore is an artist who works predominantly with photographic art, embracing film / video, performance and installation.

Under the working title of Gwendraeth House he has embarked on a 30 year long photographic project that pictures his family home. Here, the house becomes both a conscious and unconscious link to a wider cultural, universal, primordial and artistic inheritance. It is a setting charged with generational memory and creativity. This environment is embedded with latent images waiting to be uncovered, made visible and given concrete artistic form. The house, its people, its interiors, garden and nature become a constellation of artistic possibilities. The domestic as axis mundi, a dreaming center to divine and survey the spaces between darkness and stars. His images evoke universal environments.


Born in 1963, Finnemore lives and works Wales. He has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions both nationally and internationally, including representing Wales at the 51st Venice Biennale. Recently, Finnemore was included within a major book survey of international photography –‘Photography Today – A History of Contemporary Photography’, edited by Mark Durden (Phaidon 2014).

His major published works include; The Silent Village, (Ffotogallery, 2010), Gwendraeth House (Ffotogallery, 2000) and Zen Gardener (Oriel Mostyn, 2004). Finnemore’s photographic and film artworks are held in a number of private and public collections including The Lidice Memorial Museum, Czech Republic, The Art Museum at Princeton University, New Jersey, USA, The Chrysler Museum of Art, Virginia, USA, Arts Council of Great Britain, Scottish Arts Council and the National Museums of Wales Collection.